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Aari work

The term “embroidery” describes the use of thread to improve the appearance of a cloth or product. The majority of the time, natural textiles with tight weaves are used for this thread art. India’s embroidery patterns are influenced by several civilizations and have a unique flair. Indian embroidery is prized by artisans and is admired by people all around the world. The fabric’s texture is the basis for the creation of embroidery designs.

In addition to threads, it could also comprise embellishments like sequins, beads, stones, and pearls. India is well-known for its exquisite embroidery methods. Running stitch, cross stitch, and satin stitch are the three basic embroidery stitches. More affordable surface embroidery techniques exist. One of the many needlework styles that go back to the Mughal Empire is Aari embroidery. Aari work is an embroidery style in which the cloth is tightly stretched over a wooden frame. The fundamental Aari work is carried out with a pen-like needle that resembles a crochet needle.


  • The fabric is first carefully stitched over the wooden frame to get rid of any uneven folds.
  • The fabric is attached to the wooden frame using a thick cotton thread.
  • This keeps the cloth’s hold intact and enables you to create detailed designs on the fabric.
  • The most common materials used to create Aari work embroidery are zari, cotton, and silk threads.
  • One of the primary characteristics of Aari’s work is her exquisite embroidered patterns.
  • Sequins, stones, and other embellishments are frequently used by craftspeople and artists to improve the appearance of the embroidered patterns in Aari’s embroidery work. STYLE YOUR AARI WITH AARI ARTISTRY
  • This needlework is in greater demand worldwide because it goes well with all seasons. Jewelry that is traditional or ethnic looks great with Aari work clothes.
  • Such outfits mix well with sets like Kundan sets, fostering widespread adoption of these needlework styles.
  • Selecting footwear for these types of outfits requires thought. To properly accessorize your clothing, stick to neutral footwear like common heels.
  • Aari embroidery is simple to care for. Such clothing should be dry cleaned because of the fabric.
  • Additionally indicated are gentle hand washing and soft ironing. 
  • You can create stunning Aari work embroidery with the help of the Magical AARI ARTISTRY’s Aari needles.
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